Keep calm & Read a book !

Do you have a bit of a book problem? Organizing and decorating bookshelves is something that can obviously convert an otherwise simple shelf into something really interesting and beautiful looking for book fanatic alike. If you are getting frustrated with your lots of books and want to tackle them in a right way, check out the below simple tips to decorate your bookshelves effectively.

Tips for styling a bookshelf:

  • The bookcase with dark finish looks enlightened and if your rooms have a neutral background, then burnished brown leather of vintage volume perfectly glow. You can make the display more interesting by changing the books orientation shelf to shelf.
  • Creating a home library in the designer paired warm wood bookcases is just awesome that gives a contemporary look and arranging books by color will add interest to the display.
  • A wooden bookcase with a palette of moss green, chocolate and gold with opened doors can display rows of a handsomely arranged stack of books and also draws attention to the bookshelf if you will add some antique items in some of the opened spaces.
  • Don’t overwhelm the airy room with visual clutter if the room has white walls, woodwork and upholstered furniture. Let the art of arranging books in a vertical direction with some artwork take the centre stage.
  • White walls with wooden work bookshelves always work best to give a neutral base to the room. Small pieces of pottery stand with stacks of books will never feel like cramped.
  • Why not try a mix of horizontal and vertical arrangements? Well, it really looks different and if you do this, both within the same shelf then it gives a unique yet different look and feel to your room as well.
  • Incorporating artwork into your shelf will never let you down having a beautiful and decorated bookshelf. You can prop small pieces and even a large ones as per your taste.

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